Welcome to Science Expo 2016-2017 Ambassador Hiring Application Form. 
Thank you for your interest to apply as a Science Expo Ambassador!

We are looking for highschool students from Grades 10-12 in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta who are:
•    Passion for STEM in any area
•    Creative and driven individuals who can work online
•    Commitment from July 2016 to June 2017 as a liaison for his/her region
•    Individuals who can collaborate and are team players

Why YOU should apply:
•    Network with STEM enthusiasts nationally
•    Gain leadership and event planning experience
•    Represent your region for Science Expo Initiatives
•    Be a part of our #SEfam!

For more information:

This year we are looking to connect Ontario ambassadors with those from Alberta and BC. You will also have an opportunity to work with the Provincial and National executives for SE programming, and to build on your own initiatives.
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